Online Accounting Software

ECOUNT ERP’s accounting and financials ERP modules help businesses manage A/R,
A/P, cost accounting, profit and loss, cash flow projections, and more. While many
businesses today have some sort of financial or accounting software available, they still
experience problems.

The problems may include:

  • Lack of real-time information
  • Unclear reports
  • Lack of integration with sales, purchasing, inventory or manufacturing department
  • Desktop installation required
  • High cost
  • Lack of Support

A problem many businesses encounter with a standalone or installed accounting

software is that it cannot communicate with the programs used in other departments.

The lack of integration makes it difficult for decision makers to make sound decisions

that are based on real-time information. This is where our cloud-based software excels.

ECOUNT can be accessed from any computer and is available to an unlimited number

of users. ECOUNT does not require installation and users can access up-to-date

financial and accounting data with the click of a button.



  • Online ERP software allows users to access anytime, anywhere
  • No installation necessary
  • Subscription includes unlimited number of User IDs
  • Quick access to real-time information
  • Generate financials faster
  • Integrated with Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Inventory modules
  • Reduce redundancy and re-keying
  • Monthly closing is efficient and less confusing
  • Multilingual – English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Japanese
  • The Chart of Accounts and accounting tax rates can be customized according to the specific needs of different country and government regulations.


Key Functions

  • Executive Reports: It is easier than ever to create a real-time financial, inventory, and sales reports.

All managers strive to manage their businesses successfully. However, without the real-time,

easy to understand reports it is virtually impossible to make informed decisions. It is essential

for an ERP system to be able to create informative reports that allow managers to make sound


ECOUNT ERP has that covered; we’ve developed an accounting program for executives. With

ECOUNT ERP, users have access to accounting reports anytime and anywhere in the world;

managers can access essential documents, including financial statements and ledgers from

their laptops or mobile devices to make important business decisions.


 Common Issues

  • Funds are not matching between different departments.
  • Summarized accounting information lacks substance.
  • Access to updated accounting reports is limited.
  • Accounting reports are hard to understand.
  • No remote access to an account is available when out of the office or away on business.

Solution: With ECOUNT ERP, the CEO and VPs can instantly search for the reports or

books necessary for business management through ECOUNT ERP whenever they need them.

Users can verify reports anytime, anywhere with a computer or mobile devices with no need to

request a written report from the accounting department.

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