All managers strive to manage their businesses successfully. However, without the real-time, easy to understand reports it is virtually impossible to make informed decisions. It is essential for an ERP system to be able to create informative reports that allow managers to make sound decisions.
SmadInfosys has that covered; we provide accounting softwares for executives.

SmadInfosys accounting and bookkeeping solutions enable users have access to accounting reports anytime and anywhere in the world; managers can access essential documents, including financial statements and ledgers from their laptops or mobile devices to make important business decisions.

  • Benefits of using our Accounting / Bookkeeping software

  • Provides the essential reports for instant account updates and statuses.
  • The entire status of a company can be instantly tracked whenever and wherever with Internet.
  • You can easily control the company’s expenses and payments.
  • Control expenses, payments, cash receipts, and accounts with greater ease.
  • Easily create historical reports to see trends and fluctuations.
  • Prepare better with a clearer picture of the financial situation.
Accounting Reports 100%
Production Management 99%
Accurate Sales Report 100%

Key Functions

Provides reports necessary for business management

  • Management Reports: Cash Report, Fund Statement, Monthly Income
    Statement, AR/AP Aging, Management Report and more.
  • Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement,
    Schedule of Costs and more.
  • Ledger: Ledger I, Purchase/Sales Book, Journal, Cash Book and more.

Access anywhere with Internet

  • Instantly create an up-to-date profit & loss statement, cash flow statement,
    cash statement, accounts receivable statement, accounts payable
    statement and more.
  • All reports are linked to the original transaction or entry for further analysis.
  • Access the program anytime through your laptop, smart phone, or tablet
    and track the status of accounts and fund fluctuations.

Control expenses and payments

  • Users can manage and approve budgets, expenses, and payment vouchers
    through the e-Approval function.
  • Maintain control over budgets and expenses with approval setting.
  • Receive notifications when budgets have been exceeded.
  • Set the program to require approval for vouchers submitted by certain
  • Users can attach relevant documents to e-Approval submissions.
  • Vouchers or requests submitted by an employee can be modified before
    applying to the system.
  • Approved submissions can be automatically applied to the accounting
    reports with e-Approval.

Create a plan and prepare for the future

  • Managers can easily create reports to better predict future trends and
    prepare for the future.
  • With the cash flow projection function, users can systematically manage the
    estimated cash receipts and payment and apply to the system as they
  • The accounting, sales, purchase, and inventory modules are integrated with
    the cash flow projection. Easily create daily, monthly, or yearly projections.

Ecount Erp  and Hcue Accounting Software.

There are different types of Accounting / Bookkeeping softwares available . SmadInfosys knows the best accounting software for your business. We have more than 10 years of experience when it comes to Accounting , Inventory , Bookkeeping , sales management and all accounting related solutions.

We always provide the best Accounting solutions using Ecount Erp and Hcue Pharmacy.

Ecount ERP

Ecount-done - Copy

ECOUNT ERP offers you everything from inventory to accounting and team collaboration management tools.We help make your work flow even more efficient.Your company’s data is stored at a highly secured data center that receives regular backups and updates.

Hcue Pharmacy

Our HCue clinic/Pharmacy management software works well right from 1 clinic to a 100+ clinic branches. You can centrally manage all clinics / Pharmacy branches using a single dashboard. Users can access HCue clinic / Pharmacy management software online and offline.

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