For retailers, poor stock management will adversely affect the profitability of a business, impacting on customer service, stockroom management, sales and profitability.

Stocktaking is an important aspect of retail as it provides an audit of existing stock valuation and is also the source of stock discrepancy information.

The key to stocktaking is to deposit the data into your system as soon as possible after the conclusion of the count to eliminate a discrepancy between the time counted and the time the data is uploaded. Accurate information is vital to correctly forecast and manage stock availability manage budgets and help identify any form of stock loss.

Retail and Store Stocktakes

Loss of stock through shrinkage or inaccuracy of stock holdings can result in a huge impact on profit for the retail industry. Yet store stocktakes can take a lot of manpower and time which could be focused on increasing sales. Outsourcing vital store stocktaking, and gaining peace of mind by allowing a professional and independent team to provide stock control solutions, couldn’t be easier than with SmadInfosys Retail Support.


SmadInfosys Retail Support stocktaking team is equipped with latest technology to collect and relay data instantly. Our stocktakers are supported by our IT department which is able to provide bespoke software solutions for each customer’s unique reporting requirements. Detailed reports can give you a fast and precise picture of your business operation.We provide dedicated client account managers to oversee every step of the stocktaking process, taking accountability on behalf of our clients. Throughout any stocktake the performance of the team is monitored by our management and regular performance reviews are conducted to ensure that consistently high levels of accuracy are achieved. The client account managers provide a single point of contact for day-to-day enquiries and around-the-clock support.

After taking stocks, clients have immediate access to detailed online reports and management information.

Features of our stocktake services

Some businesses prefer to conduct stocktakes in-house, and it is important for their staff to have access to the right training, equipment and systems to ensure accurate results.

SmadInfosys provides flexible solutions for clients that want to conduct their own stocktakes, using their own staff, but still want the assurance of complete accuracy and cost efficiency across stocktaking procedures. This is why we’ve developed a unique stock management solution which lets retailers mitigate the risk of handling all stocktake processes in-house, by providing them with management experience and advice, as well as the latest software to ensure a seamless stock control process.

SmadInfosys provides the best Inventory softwares which allows you to conduct large-scale stocktaking with pinpoint accuracy, without the expense of outsourcing the entire count. We provide highly trained managers to coordinate the stocktaking process and give round-the-clock support, whilst passing on valuable skills and experience to your own staff, who will use our latest softwares enable data to be collected quickly and accurately. Adapting our software to integrate with your systems, our IT team ensures data is presented in a way which best meets your needs.

In addition to conducting regular stocktakes the SmadInfosys team have the expertise to investigate the cause of any stock loss, stock corruption and stock availability issues within your business and will work with you to develop plans to rectify any issues and improve your stock management processes.

As every retailer knows, even when the supply chain is working at its optimum level and the correct goods are delivered to the correct store on time, there is still the potential to lose vital sales if the stock is not available on the sales floor.

At SmadInfosys Support our team of trained auditors can visit stores to complete an ‘on shelf availability’ check. These on shelf availability checks can be performed unannounced to allow a true picture of the stock situation to be obtained. The check can be done store wide or completed on just a target range. All results are available immediately to enable management to identify problems with their stock availability and take swift remedial action. Good on shelf availability creates a positive customer experience, increases sales and improves customer retention.

Reduce stock shrinkage with our stock taking solutions

In today’s fast moving consumer environment, it is vital that retailers review stock regularly on an ongoing basis to ensure the exact amount of the right product is on the shelves.

Our perpetual inventory service works alongside your annual stocktake, allowing you to optimize sales and reduce stock shrinkage. Key product lines are selected and counted on a regular basis through a perpetual inventory system. These are compared against the stock file to maintain an accurate picture of your stockholding.

Stocktaking and Stock Management


We provide stocktaking and stock management services for :

  • Retail and Wholesale Supermarkets
  • Pharmacy and Medical Shops
  • Schools, Hospitals, Hotels
  • Financial/Microfinance Institutions
  • Asset Management
  • General Trading, Grocery Stores, Paper/Office Supplies, Spare Part Shops, Cosmetics Shops, Saloon, Barbering Shops, etc

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